Your Signature Colors was developed to analyze your unique coloring and bring the information to you, easily and personally at your home.

What will

I receive?

After you have purchased Your Signature Colors, we'll quickly prepare your mailing, which will include Natural Color Match cards for skin tone, blush, eye colors, hair colors and favorites. For skin tone and blush, you will receive two cards of warm, cool, and neutral shades that suit every ethnicity. Eye color choices are provided for you to select both a primary and secondary color...when you look closely, you'll see your secondary color. Another card is included for you to choose your primary and secondary hair colors.


We’ll also include some color chips for you to choose your favorite colors, so we’ll be aware of your color personality as well as your natural coloring.


When you receive this mailing, you’ll receive clear and simple instructions to guide you through choosing your natural matches. Don’t worry, you can take your time in your own space, look at the colors several times, and have fun making your selections!

Wondering if YOUR coloring is “different” from everyone else?

Yes, it is as everyone is unique, but there are ample selection for personalization just for YOU! And if there are areas where you have questions or concerns, you may comment or ask for specific analysis.


You’ll also receive the full set of richly hued Your Signature Colors Palettes, the major groups of coloring from which your best colors will be chosen. One of these palettes contains YOUR colors, to keep handy when you’re shopping for clothes, makeup or even nail colors. As well, we'll recommend some colors from other palettes for you to use.

And, makeup selections!

In addition to your glowing blush color of golden peach or soft mauve, we’ll recommend eye shadows to reflect or complement your eye colors. And with knowing the warmth or coolness of your skin tone, choosing foundation will be so simple.

Although the entire 20 colors of your YSC Palette are all wonderful for you, these five colors are your ultimate flattering choices. The five Signature Colors reflect your natural coloring, starting with the vibrant blue or pesto green of your eyes, and also the secondary color that shines in your iris. Another Signature color will be chosen based on the glow of your natural rosy or coral blush, one of the most flattering of all colors. The fourth color will be based upon the unique combination and contrast of skin tone and hair that identifies only you! Your fifth Signature Color will be based upon your personality, as defined by your favorite hues – warm, cool, deep or light.

Additionally, your unique Signature Colors will be selected.

What happens after you complete your natural match sheets?

As soon as you enter your Natural Match selections on the website, we’ll begin our in-depth analysis of your natural colors. Your selections will be personally and professionally studied to determine the YSC Palette that suits you best!


We’ll let you know as soon as possible if you are Cool Fair, Cool Deep, Balanced Soft, Warm Fair, Warm Deep or Auburn Glow. These colors will enhance your natural beauty with a full set of harmonizing colors chosen for you. Your Palette will include your perfect rose or coral, the best of blues, deep dramatic colors and softer shades to mix with the classic colors that are the backbone of a great wardrobe. There will also be comments that relate just to your coloring, perhaps regarding your skin color, depth of contrast between hair and skin, or mixture of eye colors.


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