Why use the Your Signature Colors system?

Your Signature Colors is a unique system that allows you to have your natural colors analyzed professionally, inexpensively, and from your home. No need to make an appointment, travel to meet with a color analyst, or be “draped” for everyone to consider. By mailing you a complete set of Natural Color Matches, you’ll easily identify matches for your skin tone, blush, eyes, and hair at your own home and in your own time.

Why not just upload a photograph as some websites do?

That should be easy, shouldn’t it? But, the color quality on many cameras and computer monitors lacks consistency and clarity. We want to be sure that your natural colors are assessed perfectly, so that your unique Palette is chosen perfectly.


YSC brings you the personalized services of a professional color analyst, and you never leave your home! We will bring colors and choices to you, and allow time and attention to your personal palette.

Why only 20 colors?

Some systems offer 40 or 50 color selections. But, we choose to limit the palette to 20 colors chosen specifically because those are the colors that flatter YOU. Personal coloring is flattered by the selection of colors JUST for that person, not for a wide group of people. Also, having a jumbled closet of too many colors prevents you from enjoying one of the key benefits of understanding your palette - the easy coordination of your clothing.

What do Your Signature Colors do for you?

Is there anything like the feeling of walking into a room and feeling great about your appearance? You know that you present an energetic and youthful spirit, an image of confidence. The confidence you project is directly tied to how you feel and look, as well as all of your personal attributes.

Who needs to look good?

How much does it cost when an interview fails, a meeting is ho-hum, or an evening is uncomfortable? And how much do we spend on clothes, makeup, and accessories that just don’t work? Your style conveys so much more than a black suit - it conveys your confidence, your personality, and your beauty. It’s time to take control of your style and image. In your perfect signature colors, you will glow and dazzle. Certainly, many colors can be good choices, but why not wear the ultimate choices that truly flatter you?

Are these colors just for clothes?

No, we’re talking about developing your style that blends seamlessly with your makeup, jewelry, and accessories. This applies to all of your looks, whether casual, work, or dressy evenings. Solids or patterns? White, black, or bright hues? Learn what’s perfect for you, based on your unique natural coloring. Do you read the fashion magazines that recommend the best colors for clothing, makeup, and jewelry based on the definitions of cool, fair, warm, deep, and neutral? Now you can confidently use that information, knowing that you truly understand your personal coloring.


With your palette, you will save money and frustration, because you can go right to the very best items for your coloring. Go to the rack, immediately spot your potential choices with no wasted time. Eliminate those purchases that somehow never work out. With YSC, you’ll recognize what is right for you, and you’ll know why.

What if my colors change?

Not to worry if you decide to drastically change your hair color! If you do make a change, we’ll gladly do an update of your palette for a small fee. Send us a message and we’ll talk about the process.


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