Hey everyone! I’m Mindy Stooksbury, President and Cofounder, of Your Signature Colors. I’m a wife, a mom & a lover of animals, especially pugs. I love going to the beach and Disney World!


I have spent the last twenty plus years in accounting and human resources for both public and private sector businesses, as well as doing speaking gigs about generations in the workplace.


I’m a big fan of reading and researching colors, color theory and psychology so this business is perfect for me. I really enjoy seeing people light up when they put on that perfect color. Their eyes shine and a big smile comes across their faces. I love knowing that what I do helps people in...crease their confidence and self-esteem.

Let me introduce our cofounder, Gaynell Lawson! Gaynell, also known as my mom and Grandmommy, is the mastermind behind our unique system at Your Signature Colors. She is a brilliant woman who loves cooking (she’s an award-winner!), crafting with her granddaughter, hiking with her husband Dan, playing with her dog Rasta, and colors and fashion trends (of course)!


Gaynell has spent her professional career in banking, as well as being a strong supporter of her local community.... She believes in helping others succeed and this business is one way to do that.


Over the years, she has spent endless hours comparing color systems, analyzing people's natural colors and what colors flattered them the most, and reading all she could about color, makeup and fashion so that she could bring Your Signature Colors to everyone. She wants to help women reach their potential by feeling and looking great!


Your Signature Colors is a unique method developed to analyze each aspect of your individual look.


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